Considering the EAR beyond Europe

Although the EAR is primarily aimed at EU entities, the rules also affect entities based outside of the EU. EU-based subsidiaries of non-EU companies which meet the definition of an EU PIE must comply.

We have provided a presentation below that can help you determine which EU subsidiaries can be considered a PIE according to the new rules and how best to prepare for the changes.

Further insights

1086 - Creation of a European oversight body - Copie.jpg

Guidebook to the EAR

Our guidebook explores the baseline measures of the EAR and offers relevant insight into how to respond to the changes.

Download pdf 3.06 MB

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What you need to know about joint audit

The recognition given to joint audit within the new regulation reinforces the idea that the system is a proven and valued option. As an expert on joint audit, we invite you to learn more about its concept, its methods and its associated benefits.

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