Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 4

What is the impact of GDPR? One year in and the jury is still out. There have been only 41 published sanctions from data protection authorities across Europe in the first year: 21 of these were imposed by the UK’s ICO and 2 from Ireland’s DPC.

This is less than most of us anticipated at this point. So we still can’t see patterns and have little to reference when deciding on the risks we are accepting. This may have as much to do with the transformation that GDPR has driven in the regulators as mentioned further below.

On the flip side GDPR is not, as some suggested it would be, Y2k. The noise from the regulators has been consistent: they expect organisations to continue to mature and focus on demonstrating accountability.  For maturing organisations, compliance now means the ability to make educated risk-based compliance decisions and to demonstrate accountability for these.

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