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Since our last newsletter in June, we have observed the Court of Justice deliver a decision on the anticipated Schrems II case, an increase of media attention surrounding the privacy concerns of the COVID tracker app and guidance from the DPC on website cookies.

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 7

Mazars GDPR Newsletter Issue 7
Over the last 12 weeks we have adapted to rapid change while we have confined our lives to the boundaries of our homes.

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 6

Just when organisations were getting to grips with GDPR, there are further regulatory changes and challenges to consider. We have provided a summary view of the potential impact on organisations in this newsletter.

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 5

Mazars GDPR Newsletter Issue 5
When the GDPR came into effect on May 25th, 2018, it was clear that significant fines were designed to make non-compliance a costly mistake for organisations.

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 4

What is the impact of GDPR? One year in and the jury is still out. There have been only 41 published sanctions from data protection authorities across Europe in the first year: 21 of these were imposed by the UK’s ICO and 2 from Ireland’s DPC.

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 3

ET- GDPR2.jpg
Nine months since the enforcement of the General Data Protection (GDPR), customer awareness of data protection continues to evolve while organisations continue to progress and operationalise many of the policy decisions made in light of the regulatory updates

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 2

Six months since the introduction of the General Data Protection (GDPR), we are starting to see many useful developments across the Irish and European landscapes.

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Mazars Data Protection Newsletter - Issue 1

It has been three months since the GDPR came fully into force on May 25th, we are still waiting to see how the new data protection regime will be enforced. In this newsletter, we discuss reporting processes and breaches in the new GDPR business landscape, the EU’s proposed response to data flows post-Brexit and how new technologies are being considered to aid firms with compliance. There is also information about how you can participate in our yearly Data Protection Survey.

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Mazars consulting is a specialist unit within the Mazars group with an expertise spanning a wide range of areas We operate globally and thus have close links with our international counterparts frequently liaising with them on assignments.

ET Privacy and GDPR

Privacy & GDPR Services

GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018. Mazars has supported many organisations attain GDPR compliance. We will continue to provide support to our clients in refining and maintaining compliance as the regulatory and legal environment matures.


IT Consulting

Information is one of the most important assets in any organisation. Technology is the key tool employed in the management, utilisation and dissemination of this asset, but its use is not always optimised.

CMG ran a series of heavily subscribed events on the New EU General Data Protection Regulations and after receiving very positive feedback following each event the main follow-up information delegates want is a step by step approach on how to implement the new data protection regulations into their organisations going forward, what challenges to expect and how to overcome them.

IT Audit & Security

Mazars is one of the few firms in Ireland to employ a dedicated team of technical IT and security auditors who work exclusively on IT audit and security assignments.