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Reg Watch December 2019

Reg Watch Summer 2019 header.jpg
For the latest round-up of regulatory updates for the banking industry check out the December editions of Mazars RegWatch here.

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IFRS for financial instruments

DOCTR'in - Actualités comptables
Mazars latest IFRS Insight addresses the accounting for financial instruments under IFRS. It draws on several relevant IFRS standards to tackle, in one handbook, the entire range of challenges related to financial instruments among which: recognition and derecognition, classification and measurement, impairment for credit risk, derivatives and hedging, and related disclosures. It includes all the new requirements introduced by IFRS 9 and the related amendments to other standards such as IFRS 7.

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The banking sector is currently undergoing some of the most significant changes in its history. Recent events are creating market conditions in which financial institutions will have to focus on both fundamental balance sheet management and innovative approaches to capturing funding and realising profitability.