How to be a Stand Out SME

There is no doubt that SMEs are and will always be the back bone of every economy in Europe. There are over 20 million SMEs in Europe and they have contributed to the generation of substantial income, employment, outputs, innovation and new technologies.

The SME sector has over the last number of years experienced the most severe economic crisis in living memory. Some SMEs have emerged from this downturn more resilient and stronger than ever before. Others however were forced to downsize or close down as a result of the downturn.

Mazars’ study ‘How to be a Stand-out SME: Learning from the EU’ provides analysis, insights, learnings and guidance to SMEs no matter where in the world they are operating. The study highlights the similarities and differences of SME performance in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the UK.  It explores what it takes to achieve levels of superior performance, to compete in the market place and effectively “stand out from the crowd”.


Listen to Joe Carr  talking to Ian Guider from Newstalk  about the report.

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Success in business is about a few things going right and other things not going wrong. It is certainly not a black art. Most business issues can be controlled to an extent albeit some will involve an element of luck and timing. However with better positioning, management and a resilient balance sheet luck becomes far less important.