Payroll Ireland newsletter Issue 3 - ERR - November 2023

From January 2024, there will be a mandatory requirement for employers to report to Revenue on certain expenses or benefits paid to employees on a real-time basis. Enhanced Reporting Requirements was introduced in Finance Bill 2022, Section 897C of the TCA 1997.

What is it?

Employers will be required to report details about certain expenses or benefits to Revenue in electronic format on or before the date of such payment on behalf of employees.

Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR) will apply to enhanced benefits paid directly to employees in three categories. Expenses made by employers on behalf of employees will not be reportable. For more information check read our Newsletter.

Check out our recent webinar: Understanding Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR) & recent HR & Employment Law updates, with our expert panel including Martin Hunt, Revenue Commissioners - Personal Division.

Payroll Ireland newsletter - Enhanced Reporting Requirements (ERR)

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Payroll Ireland newsletter-Issue 3
Payroll Ireland newsletter-Issue 3