The Irish Times 2022 Martyn Turner calendar

We are delighted to sponsor The Irish Times 2022 Martyn Turner calendar as he celebrates 50 years with Ireland’s leading newspaper.

Climate change is the single most important issue of our generation, and sustainability is the single topic that all organisations will need to address.

In 2022 governments worldwide will implement agreements made at COP26 to unite the world to tackle climate change. Society’s expectations on sustainability have never been higher. The Irish government published the Climate Action Plan 2021, an ambitious plan to put Ireland on a more sustainable path by cutting emissions and creating a cleaner economy to protect us from climate change’s devastating consequences. In this calendar, we include some of the targets in this plan and other relevant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) information.

The transformation of society and the economy to support these goals will also create exciting opportunities for companies. Focusing on ESG can improve corporate resilience, create economic value and contribute to a healthy ecosystem and strong community. As more organisations embrace the sustainability agenda, they must implement higher governance standards and fully understand their social and environmental impact to remain competitive. At Mazars, we have evolved our approach and service offering to meet organisations’ needs and support them in their ESG journey from developing a strategy to measuring performance.

Sustainability is core to our values, our strategy and how we operate. Our mission is to help build transparency and confidence in financial markets, and as a firm, we want to grow in a way that balances the needs of today with those of tomorrow. We manage our firm for the benefit of future generations, contributing to society, acting responsibly, and caring about the interests of all our stakeholders.

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Ireland ranked 2nd in the 2020 world Human Development Index ranking, an increase of 23.5 % since 1990. The improved ranking was due above all to advances in education.


Mazars is one of only 19 organisations in Ireland to have achieved Silver Investors in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion accreditation for commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Under the new Climate Action Plan,  there will be 1,500 electric buses by 2030 and wider use of biofuels in public transport. The plan aims to have 500,000 more walking, cycling and public transport journeys a day by 2030 and a target of 1m electric vehicles by 2030.


According to the Climate Action Plan 2021, the Irish Government’s 2030 target is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51% and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050.


Ireland’s Climate Action Plan sets a reduction in food waste by 50% and will ensure all plastic packaging is reusable or recyclable by 2030.


The government has committed to the retrofit of 500,000 homes by 2030 and installation of 600,000 heat pumps in both new and existing residential buildings.


According to the latest data from the Central Statistics Office, the average gender pay gap in Ireland is 14.4%. In 2020, Mazars in Ireland reported a Gender Pay Gap figure of less than 1%.




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