Mazars Ireland Transparency Report 15/16

We are very pleased to introduce the 2015/2016 transparency report for Mazars Ireland.

We live in a time where many of our assumed certainties stand challenged - politically, economically, socially.

As professionals - auditors, accountants and other experts - engaged in the practice of auditing, we know that the emphasis of society today requires us not just to deliver a good service at an acceptable price, but to stand over the social acceptability of both.

At Mazars, we believe that the role of auditors is an important element of the safeguarding of societal goods, through a primary role in addressing accountability and the representation of stakeholder interests, including that of the public interest.

We understand that we as practitioners, and as part of the profession of auditing, must seek to ensure that our commitment to the societal expectations of assured and independent audit are met. Our Transparency Report is one of the ways in which we seek to address that commitment.

The Transparency Report is one of the primary ways in which Mazars addresses the need for transparency and accountability in how we carry out our professional duties. We explain how our structure contributes to the assurance that we can provide in relation to the quality we seek to embed in all that we do. We describe how the firm manages the risks associated with our business. We explain how we contribute to the profession as a whole, and seek to deal comprehensively with how we manage our objectivity and independence code, fundamental to the quality of our work. The Report also introduces you to our people and activities and to the places in Ireland and internationally where you will find Mazars teams, and describes how we invest in our people as audit practitioners.

Mazars has a long standing commitment to the principle that audit and accountancy firms should hold themselves to the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Accordingly, we have voluntarily published our own audited financial statements for a number of years. We are committed to the development of the highest quality financial and business reporting and have commenced the journey to financial reports based on the Integrated Reporting Standards. Our latest annual report and accounts are publicly available at

2016 was an important year in the development of the audit profession in Europe, with the enactment of the European Union (Statutory Audits) Regulations 2016. Mazars fully supports the new regulatory framework and has both contributed to the debate regarding its introduction and has made investments in our approach, quality control standards and people to ensure that we can perform well in the new environment. Our objective is to ensure that our audit and assurance services are relevant, bring value to companies and their many stakeholders and are delivered by excellent, committed and truly independent professionals. We want to offer genuine choice in the market for audit services and to play our part in the long term success and growth of those economies and societies where we live and work.

I hope that you find this report a useful guide to Mazars, to how we practice the profession of audit and how we perform. Our firm has grown over the past years and continues to grow. We believe in the importance of the services we provide, the value that they create for clients and for society as a whole, and are committed to playing our part in ensuring that our profession continues to deliver that value. This report, I hope, provides you with an insight into that commitment and how we seek to deliver on it.

Mazars Ireland, November 2016


Mazars Ireland Transparency Report 2015-2016
Mazars Ireland Transparency Report 2015-2016