Business Continuity and Pandemic Resilience (BCPR)

Ireland is in the midst of coping with the global Covid-19 pandemic. To date this has challenged businesses to enable remote working in order to continue operations. Unfortunately, during the next stage of the pandemic, it is likely that staff will become unavailable and further challenge operations. This layering of business continuity event (i.e. currently buildings unavailable) upon event such e.g. staff unavailable requires focused business continuity planning


To reduce the impact of a pandemic on your business operations, employees, customers and the general public, it is important for all businesses and organisations to assess continuity planning now and to rapidly address priority issues identified. Lack of continuity planning can result in a cascade of failures as employers attempt to address challenges of a pandemic with insufficient resources and employees who might not be adequately trained in the jobs they will be asked to perform. Proper planning will allow employers to better protect their employees and prepare for changing patterns of commerce and potential disruptions in supplies or services.

As an employer, you have an important role in protecting the health and safety of your employees and limiting the impact of a potential crisis. As we continue to adjust to the coronavirus pandemic it is important to continue the business operations through a robust Business Continuity and Pandemic Resilience Programme.

Live Situation update worldwide on COVID-19 cases

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Mazars has a team of Business Continuity and Resilience Professionals who can help you with an accelerated approach to assess your existing business continuity and resilience strategies or to develop new ones. Our team of experts help your organisation establish a robust Business Continuity and Pandemic Resilience Programme. Our methodology is based on the BCI Guidelines and our experience.


  1. Ensuring management is aware of business-critical process, people, skills and minimum staffing arrangement through organisational Business Impact Assessment;
  2. Establishing an emergency preparedness planning and communication strategy that is adapted for the specific challenges of Covid-19 ;
  3. Preparing for employee absences through Business Continuity Planning;
  4. Amending existing policies to reflect greater flexibility to normal working arrangements, such as:
    • Secure remote working;  
    • telephone or video conferences; 
    • provisions for employees with children or unwell adults at home; and
  5. Reinforcing internal peer support or counselling to assist employees with health concerns;  
  6. Ensuring management control and oversight is being maintained while remote working;
  7. Creating awareness among employees, customers and suppliers on an organisation’s pandemic continuity strategy, business continuity plans and how they are involved;
  8. Monitoring official information sources, advice and assistance from the government, health and other relevant agencies and watching out of any rumours or false news spreading within the organisation regards a pandemic/ potential pandemic outbreak; and
  9. Updating staff on recent developments on the pandemic outbreak/ potential pandemic outbreak through newsletters or other organisational communication channels.

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Mazars Covid-19 POB Approach
Mazars Covid-19 POB Approach