Irish Executive Committee (“the Executive”)

The day to day management of Mazars in Ireland is delegated to the Executive. The Executive has responsibility for setting Mazars’ national strategy, within the overarching framework of the international strategy.

The Irish partnership is managed by the Managing Partner and other executive members. Both the Managing Partner and the Executive are elected by the partners in the firm. The Managing Partner candidacy is submitted for consideration by the Nomination Committee and the GEB. The Managing Partner is elected by the partners for a term of 4 years and he nominates the other executive candidates who are subject to ratification by the Partners (Members of the current executive are pictured below).

A Partnership Agreement sets out the management and governance structure within Mazars and its requirements regarding the Executive, Risk Committee and Audit Committee are set out here.

The responsibilities of the Executive team at Mazars are as follows and it reports to the Partners at least annually on these matters:

  1. develop and implement Ireland’s strategy, in line with the international strategy of the firm, and establish a management structure to deliver this; 
  2. ensure that the firm’s services to clients and conduct in respect of staff are carried out ethically and in accordance with the principles of technical excellence and quality service;
  3. ensure that the firm recruits, develops, retains and adequately rewards an appropriate number of people with relevant skills and experience;
  4. oversee support functions, including the setting and monitoring of objectives, approving budgets and expenditure and ensuring efficiency between local, national and international support functions;
  5. ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for risk and catastrophe management;
  6. set Corporate Social Responsibility policy; 
  7. monitor the legal obligations of Partners in consultation with the Risk Committee;
  8. with the Audit Committee discharge the responsibilities of the Partners in relation to the maintenance of proper accounting records and the preparation of Accounts; 
  9. with the Risk Committee keep the Partnerships’ Agreement up to date and fit for purpose.
  10. approve mergers and acquisitions of new practices 

The Executive

Mazars Ireland Audit Committee

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing internal control, external audit, accounting and external reporting. It aims to meet 3 times a year and whenever the external auditors request a meeting.

Mazars Ireland Risk Committee

Risk Committee

The Risk Committee oversees the ethics and quality assurance of the firm. It designs the firm’s quality control procedures and ensures they are implemented. It assesses the outcome of quality reviews and communicates their results. Furthermore, it deals with any claims against the practice and their resolution.

Mazars PIC

Public Interest Committee

The principal role of the Public Interest Committee (‘PIC’) is to enhance confidence in the public interest aspects of the firm’s activities with particular reference to high level, general oversight of the firm’s decision-making, stakeholder dialogue, risk management and quality control, remuneration policy and the issuance of selected annual reports to stakeholders.

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Our Independent Non Executives

Mazars has elected independent non executives (INEs) within its governance structure.