Mazars supports Good Governance Awards

We are delighted to be associated with the Good Governance Awards. The Good Governance Awards recognise, support and encourage adherence to good governance practice by community, voluntary and charitable (CVC) organisations in Ireland.


In this inaugural year the Good Governance Awards seek to acknowledge, encourage and promote good governance practice and will recognise and provide practical examples to other organisations as to what an excellent or very good directors’ report & financial statements looks like.

As such, the Good Governance Awards aims to support and encourage the CVC sector to use their annual reports and financial statements to showcase their embracement of and adherence to good governance.

Governance extends far beyond board composition and the frequency of board meetings. It is intrinsic to an organisation’s culture, its people, how it operates and is recognisable in its public face. Good governance is about being transparent and open, it encourages trust in and relationships with an organisation. As the CVC sector works for the public benefit it needs to be in a position to demonstrate good governance.

The inaugural Good Governance Awards recognises excellence in the area of the annual report. It should not be taken that these awards imply a wider compliance of Good Governance practice by any of the winners or shortlisted entries. An organisation’s Annual Report and Financial Statements is just one aspect of good governance and there are many other practice areas that an organisation needs to comply with if it is to achieve an excellence standard in good governance.


The annual report represents a real opportunity for organisations in the CVC sector across Ireland to showcase its transparency and trust by outlining its performance, governance, culture and financials. An annual report can provide a comprehensive picture of a CVC organisation, as well as its achievements and future plans rather than merely meeting minimum compliance requirements. An annual report serves to reinforce relationships with stakeholders and build relationships with the public, potential donors, volunteers and supporters.

Good governance promotes compliance with the law and has a strong bearing on the organisation’s effectiveness in achieving its mission. It is at the heart of an organisation’s success. The Carmichael Centre Good Governance Awards focus on the information in CVC organisations’ annual reports and accounts which underlines the important connection between good governance and accountability.

Awards Night

The winners will receive their award at a special event with invited guests which will feature a high profile speaker. The awards event will be hosted by the Royal College of Surgeons on the evening on 18th October.

Entry Process

The submission of entries is straightforward and is done through the good governance awards website.

See for further information.