R&D Tax Credit Revenue Audits: Protect Your Innovation

Claiming R&D Tax Credits? Prepared for a Revenue Audit? This event might be of interest.

Free Event with Limited Capacity

R&D Tax Credit Claims are now a very material and important element of any innovative company's annual fiscal activity. As a result R&D Tax Credit Revenue audits have in recent years increased in number and frequency.

As part of Innovation Dublin 2011, Mazars R&D Tax Group are delighted to present a helpful and interesting overview on how R&D Tax Credit claimants can prepare for and manage a R&D Tax Credit Revenue Audit. We will demonstrate that whilst a Revenue Audit in this regard should be expected it should not be feared.

Light refreshments will be served on arrival following registration at 9am. Presentation will commence sharply at 9.30am and will end at 10.45am.

Location: Mazars Dublin, harcourt Centre, Block 3, Harcourt Road
Time: 9.30am to 10.45am

Presentation by Mark G Byrne, Head R&D Tax Group, Mazars - For more information please contact mbyrne@mazars.ie / 01 449 6400